By IES Adormideras - 11.11.13

Download  and install CALIBRE to convert documents or ebooks  into different  ebook formats. You can also transfer files to a reading device, read ebooks  and much more

What is Calibre?
1 - eBook Converter.
It can convert the eBooks in almost all the popular formats. Like ePub for iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc; mobi, azw for Kindle; or other formats like PDF, DOC, PDB, and so on.
2-eBook Library Manager.
It can manage all the eBooks in your computer, you can put them in the order of Author, Title, or Format. The interface is absolutely clear.
3- DRM Removal.
you can add some plug-ins to remove Kindle Amazon DRM.
4 - eBook Maker.
You can edit
eBook's meta information, like title, author, cover in the software. You can also edit the eBook content by Calibre.
5- eBook Transfer.
Connect your eReader to a computer, then you can send  your  eBook to your eReader by Calibre within few clicks.

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